interior design

 Kristen’s early training in the complex interactions of colors, patterns and textures provides the foundation from which she approaches interior design. She employs a mix of antiques, custom-designed contemporary furniture and fixtures along with nuanced palettes to create interiors that are elegant yet comfortable, mixing style and function to ensure livable spaces tailored to each client's personality and lifestyle.


custom furniture & lighting design

Jamgotchian works with clients to design inspired custom furniture, lighting and rugs that reflect personal style and enhance the functionality of a space. We work together with clients and our extensive list of craftsman to design unique pieces with an acute attention to detail. By focusing on function and form down to the minute details, Jamgotchian is able to deliver one-of-a-kind pieces that act as the final touch to a project or a project in itself.


antique rug sourcing

Jamgotchian has offered an innovative approach to antique rug selection for more than 20 years. Our mission is to advise and educate clients on the options available and assist in selecting rugs that speak to the design of a room, as well as offering authenticity and collectability.

When sourcing each rug, Jamgotchian draws on a wealth of wholesale contacts that are not available to the general public. After an initial consultation, we assemble a collection of rugs that have been carefully screened for quality and authenticity and then chosen based on individual colors and designs to suit each particular client's tastes and design needs. A viewing of the collection is then scheduled at the client’s home not only for convenience, but also to view the rug in the space in which it will reside. 

Among the distinct benefits our clients enjoy:

Convenience - We minimize the time our clients spend shopping for a rug, carefully culling the often-overwhelming options to offer an edited selection of rugs.

Individuality – We identify pieces that combine beautiful hues with elegant execution, sourcing rugs that are noticeably distinct. Drawing upon years of sourcing experience and a robust community of industry contacts, Jamgotchian presents clients with a unique collection of rugs that an individual retailer would not be able to provide.

Design Expertise - Locating well-composed rugs is a critical aspect of the selection process. Equally important is an understanding of how the motifs and hues will interact with the surrounding architecture, lighting, furniture arrangements, fabrics and wall color. We seek beautiful rugs that will complement the interiors in which they will live.

Value - Educating our clients about the value of an antique rug is an important aspect of our services. Antique rugs represent an investment, making the importance of understanding the characteristics and qualities that underpin the value of each rug an important educational aspect of purchase.